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Let An IRS Enrolled Agent Help You:

Obtain Every Possible Deduction That You Are Legally Entitled
We can Assist You In Obtaining The Highest Possible Refund or Reducing Your Tax Liability

+Tax Return Preparation for Individuals:

We take care to serve our individual clients with timely, accurate returns. We also work with individuals throughout the year to advise them on tax saving techniques and future income planning.

You are invited to print out our Tax Organizer, a form that will help you organize your tax information and make sure you don't miss any important deductions.  Whether you do your own tax return or use the services of Accurate Income Tax & Business Services, Inc. we hope you'll find it useful and informative.

For more information, or a free initial consultation on tax planning and preparation, please contact us.

+Tax Return Preparation for Partnerships:

+Tax Return Preparation for C and S Corporations:

+Tax Return Preparation for Estates and trusts:

+Bookkeeping for small businesses                

+IRS Representations

+New Corporation Set-Up

+Notary Public Service available

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